Payments over the phone, made simple.

PayRemotely™ streamlines phone payments for business owners and managers. Close sales quickly without handling sensitive card information.

Setup in 60 seconds, no extra hardware required. PayRemotely™ integrates with payment gateways including Stripe.

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The fastest phone payment experience ever made.

PayRemotely™ puts your customers at the centre of a simple, seamless process. Start accepting payments via Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay and other major networks, in 120+ currencies.

Say goodbye to virtual terminals and ad-hoc processes.

The days of manually keying in customer card data are numbered. Welcome to the future of commerce: privacy by design.


Create payment requests in seconds, just enter the amount, currency, and payee contact information.


Send payment requests via SMS, email or other channels. Seamlessly, while speaking with your customers.


View your payment log with real-time updates and notifications to keep you informed.

Simple pricing for busy people.

For the World's best remote commerce solution, we charge 2.0% fees* on every transaction. That's it 🚀

* PayRemotely™ fees are quoted excluding VAT, and do not include your payment gateway fees. VAT may apply depending on your jurisdiction. Terms and conditions apply.
For Stripe fees, click here

Frequently asked questions.

Feel free to contact our team if your question is not answered below.

>> What devices will PayRemotely work on?
You can access the app via your web browser, or by downloading the iOS or Android apps via the app stores (coming soon).

>> Which payment gateways will the app work with?
The majority of our users are connected via Stripe, but we can add other gateways if there is demand.

>> Is there a setup fee?

>> Will I need training to use the product?
So far nobody has needed any training but we are here to help if you get stuck.

>> What's the record for fastest setup on
The current record is 58 seconds!

>> Will I need to change my phone hardware?

>> Will I need to change my business number?

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